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Globalization in Three Infographics

As I was reading The Atlas of Cities, I found myself drawn to the infographics and thought they were fascinating to look at and analyze. Because of this, I decided to recreate some of the graphics and focus on urbanization as a global phenomenon in order to meet the content area. As I was choosing infographics to do, though, I accidentally mixed up the words and started looking for ones that.. Read More

Attending a Public Hearing

Monday night, I walked into the City Council building, yellow legal pad in one hand and ballpoint pen in pocket. Being at the Public Hearing was, in a word, nerve-wracking. All around me, people seemed to be more knowledgeable and prepared than me. Nevertheless, I still sat down and listened as the mayor, Richard Stewart, began speaking. My main purpose, for going was to learn about decision making in planning of cities and.. Read More

Modelling Urban Development

Urban models are used to help identify different land zones and their uses within a city. Each of these land zones have their own unique characteristics, which can be used to identify them. The most important zone, which they are all centred around, is the central business district. This is generally referred to as ‘downtown’ and can be identified by high rises, office buildings, commercial centres/malls, and transport centres. In this post,.. Read More

On How We Got Here: My Socials Final

When I first came into socials, there were three things that I didn’t enjoy: remembering events, dates, and people; large group discussions; and trying to pick out motifs, themes, and big ideas from a series of events. Needless to say, I really enjoyed socials class.  When considering this, I wanted to do something that kinda showed off how I’ve changed over the past two years of and how various events we’ve.. Read More

Cultural Appropriation Not Same as Appreciation

Many are accusing Carnival Nationz, a mas band that plays carnival music, of cultural appropriation after they released their costumes, including a headdress in an attempt to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, for the annual Toronto Caribbean Festival. Cultural appropriation is when an ethnic group takes another’s clothing, practices, or other cultural pieces and uses it as their own.  Though the concept behind it is simple, it is often misunderstood as.. Read More

The Story of the Golden Spruce in Pictures

While reading The Golden Spruce by John Vaillant, one of the initial themes that stood out to me is the relationship between nature and humans and the changing balance of power between the two over time. Near the beginning of the book, nature is shown to have a lot of power of humans and is an object of fear to them. As the book develops, however, some humans begin to.. Read More

Vanishing Woman: A Blackout Poem

The Poem Transcript: She is a ghost Her life a home of lies To hide from the surrounding attack If she straddles borders She is known as a black-hearted bitch So she want to be chained Even though She is a queen I found this poem on pages 14-15 of the book. One of the reasons that I chose this page is that chapter 1 has, by far, been my.. Read More

Entering the Home Stretch (In-depth Post #6)

I can’t believe we’re already at the final in-depth post. It seems like just yesterday that I started working on the in-depth contract and now we’re approaching the final 1.5 months of this project. Since my last blog post, I have been making what, I believe, to be good progress in spite of the business that comes with these last three months of TALONS. As I mentioned in my previous.. Read More

The Chemistry Behind Macronutrients

Science and food have always gone together for me. I still remember when in grade 6 I did an experiment with coffee and the following year, I did an experiment on the effects of heat on bromelain in pineapple, though I originally wanted to do it on burning different nuts to calculate the calorie content. It was in part due to this correlation in my mind that I decided to make.. Read More

Widening the Gap

For this blog post, I’ve decided to explore how Confederation affected the indigenous people of Canada and how it has continued to damage the relationship between the settlers and the first Nations. At this point, it’s definitely no secret that I’m interested in learning about minorities and their treatment, particularly throughout history and how that has trickled down into modern society. Here is the link to my previous document of.. Read More