When I first came into socials, there were three things that I didn’t enjoy: remembering events, dates, and people; large group discussions; and trying to pick out motifs, themes, and big ideas from a series of events. Needless to say, I really enjoyed socials class. 

When considering this, I wanted to do something that kinda showed off how I’ve changed over the past two years of and how various events we’ve learned about build up to my final theme statement. To do this, I kinda wanted to recreate a project that we did sometime over the past two years that I kinda struggled with, so I decided to do fridge magnet poetry. 

As a way of representing my growth over the past two years, I have pulled elements from one blog post per term. In addition, while writing the poems, I tried to make them longer and less literal as they go on to symbolize how I have become more thorough at communicating my ideas over time and how I have improved my ability to pick out underlying themes of events.

Columbus Poem
So my first piece is based on Columbus and this blog post. In (my first ever) blog post, I discuss how we, as a human race, have a history of turning to violence and bloodshed in an attempt to stay in control in the power structure we have in our society, so with this, I wanted to portray how wanting to be more powerful or have more has led to events of history changing.

French Rev Poem
And I based my next piece off one of the roleplay posts I wrote for the French Revolution. This one is about how the constant want to have power in terms of control or resources kinda trumps everything and what someone does to keep power greatly changed the course of a nation. The reason I chose this message to accompany this topic is that one of the only things I still remember about the French Revolution is how, despite being one of the most influential figures in the revolution against King Louis and the amount of power he had, essentially became everything he was against earlier in order to keep himself in power.


Reconciliation Poem
And then I did my next one based on my blog post on reconciliation and residential schools. In this poems, I talk about how our past, and specifically how much we wanted power and control over people and resources, has influenced how us and our modern identity and can be perceived. It is easy to draw parallels between this and what happened with regards to residential schools and the fallout from that. How we physically, socially, and mentally hurt indigenous people in an attempt to gain more power, both in terms of control over people and land, is one of the main factors that challenge our national identity as inclusive, just, and equal.
Newspaper Poem
And finally, this poem is based on the discussion we had on cultural appropriation and this editorial I did for the newspaper to show how my socials ability has extended beyond the class. I kinda wanted to summarize everything I’ve learned with this piece and it’s basically about how the path a nation is on and what that nation stands for is influenced by either how we wanted to have more power or we wanted to prevent others from taking this power. 

To accompany the poetry, I overlaid the text on top of various nature shots from Survivor.

For the first one, the player that immediately came to my mind when thinking about aggressive behaviour changing the course of the game was Russell Hantz, who’s known for his blindsides, backstabs, and alienating everyone he votes out. Because of this, the first piece is on top of a shot from Heroes vs Villains in the episode where he boots one of his closest (and only) allies by flipping to the heroes.

The background image for the next piece is a shot from Survivor: Game Changers where Zeke decides to make a “big move” and flip on his alliance, and specifically Andrea, as he felt that he needed to do something to show that he was in the power seat in his alliance, which resulted in all the alliances in the season shifting again and the eventual Pagonging of everyone by Sarah, Troyzan, and Brad.

I’ve put my third poem on top of a shot from the last boot before the jury in this season as it reminded me a lot of “The Incident 5.0” (Yes I know I said 3.0 during my presentation but I thought of a lot of other things between then and now). I knew the second I finished my poem that this was the moment that it reminded me of. Essentially what happens is Varner attempts to expose Zeke as “deceptive” by forcibly outing him at tribal council, which resulted not only in a divide between Varner and the rest of the tribe but also amongst the Survivor community. What really created the connection between the poem and this event, though, was Varner’s insistence afterwards that he was all for the rights of transgender people, going as far as stating that “[he argues] for the rights of transgender people every day in the state of North Carolina” without seeing how his behaviour and what he tries to portray himself as differ. (A link to a shortened version of the tribal council if you’re interested)

My fourth, and final, poem is accompanied by intro shot to Survivor: Cambodia because I feel that the way that the gameplay in that season has greatly influenced the development of the game. To expand on this, the big power plays, including the Savage blindside, the Fishbach blindside, and the F6 tribal, and the power struggle to between the majority Bayon Alliance and the minority Witches’ Coven have redefined where the game is going as it is now much more focused on making flashy “BIG MOVEZ” and has become a lot more cutthroat now.

These four pieces build up to my theme statement, which is:

Trying to obtain or keep power and the conflict caused by this changes the course of history and our modern identity.